Custom Designed Transport Frames

No matter what products you are transporting – from industrial machinery to drums and pipes to fragile goods – DGW Wood Products will quickly and cost-effectively design and manufacture an exclusive solution for you. From quantities of 1 to 1000.

Our timber frames are designed to protect your goods and save you money on transport costs. With custom designed timber frames you are able to load the optimum number of products per shipment (by road, rail, air or sea) compared to what a standard-sized pallet would allow. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the lifting, moving, carrying and stacking procedures of transport and logistics companies and design each frame for ease of use. If your products are overly heavy for example we we can engineer the right structure and utilise the best materials (for example, hardwood instead of pine timber). By designing a specific shaped frame to suit the dimensions of your products we can minimise movement and breakage during transport.

DGW Wood Products can design timber frames for a wide range of applications – from industrial goods and manufactured parts to construction products, steel panels or pipes, tiles, glass and more. Standard size frames and pallets are also available.

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